Sell from anywhere with 1-to-1 live commerce
Sell from HOME
Sell from STORES
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Create a hybrid workplace
Sell from Home
Allow sales teams to connect and sell to customers from any location, at anytime, including before and after store hours
  • ATTRACT & RETAIN SALESPEOPLE by providing them the flexibility to work from home based on their availability
  • SELL ANYTHING from the product catalog using search and filters
  • KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER with access to CRM details (e.g., purchase history, notes, and wishlist items)
Parla Live Commerce - Hero Image
Parla Live Commerce - Hero Image
Increase foot-traffic
Sell from Stores
Meet customers where they typically start their journeys – online – all while working from inside your store.
  • MANAGE SCHEDULES that balance the salesperson’s time with virtual appointments and walk-ins
  • CREATE ENDLESS AISLES by providing access to your complete product catalog online
  • RECEIVE REAL-TIME FEEDBACK so teams know how to respond to customer feedback during calls, and how to follow-up after appointments
With one click, I connected with an 85-year old customer over video, answered her questions, and closed a sale.
- Sales expert
Transform call centers
Sell from virtual sales centers
Equip your customer service teams to turn routine inquiries into sales opportunities using live commerce
  • ACCESS YOUR PRODUCT CATALOG using search and filters or by scanning your existing product bar codes or QR codes
  • CAPTURE CALL METRICS to create best practices by tracking how each representative’s time affects customer spending, engagement, and lifetime value
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Watch the 1-to-1 live commerce experience
Use your existing sales teams to drive online conversion.
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