Schedule appointments or meet on-demand
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Appointment scheduling
Virtual or in-store
Insert just one line of code to embed Parla’s booking system into your website and easily configure to match your branding.
  • CREATE MULTIPLE APPOINTMENT TYPES based on location, department, and appointment duration
  • ASSIGN A UNIQUE URLS to each salesperson, department, and store location
  • BOOK APPOINTMENTS by inviting customers to schedule online or send them a URL
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In the past, interior design appointments were limited to specific stores. Now location is irrelevant. We can offer virtual design consultations to any customer.
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Resource management
Sales team rosters
Automate appointment allocations or manually match customers with the most appropriate salesperson.
  • MANAGE SCHEDULES for each location, department and staff member
  • AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGN & REASSIGN appointments to salespeople based on your preferred criteria, including reassigning them when a salesperson becomes unavailable
  • POOL SALES RESOURCES across different departments and locations to provide greater flexibility in meeting appointment demand
  • RECONNECT CUSTOMERS with their preferred salesperson
Automated notifications
Confirmations & calendar invites
Automatically notify customers and sales associates via email once appointments are confirmed.
  • JOIN VIDEO CALLS INSTANTLY by clicking the URL included within each email and calendar invitation
  • CALENDAR EVENTS populate each recipient’s digital calendar and they receive automatic reminders
  • RESCHEDULE OR CANCEL by clicking the corresponding URL included in confirmations
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Parla Live Commerce - Hero Image
Personalize appointments
Custom pre-meeting questionnaires
Invite customers to complete a custom questionnaire when they book appointments so you can assign the appropriate sales person, enable salespeople to prepare product recommendations in advance, minimize call duration, and convert more customers
  • CHOOSE FROM MULTI-FORMAT TEMPLATES to easily create your ideal customer screening questionnaire
  • SPECIFY QUESTIONS for each store location, department, and service
  • PERSONALIZE CONTENT SHARED ON VIDEO CALLS by automatically sharing questionnaire responses with the assigned salesperson.
Meet your customers at their convenience.
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