Gain actionable insights throughout the sales process
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Real-time selling cues
Interest & purchase intent
Gain insight to understand each customer’s interest and purchase intent during 1-to-1 and group live selling sessions. Information includes:
  • Product pages viewed
  • Items added to wishlist
  • Items added to cart
  • Shopping cart value
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If Parla is like a physical store – the analytics are like seeing what merchandise a customer is picking up, bringing into a fitting room and taking to the checkout counter.
- Co-Founder, HNDSM
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Automatic feedback loops
Customer engagement
Following each live commerce interaction, Parla tracks customer activity across all channels so you’ll know when to re-engage and when you can anticipate making a sale
  • TRACK INTEREST & INTENT based on each interaction with content received
  • MEASURE THE RESPONSE RATE of each communication channel so you know the best way to connect
  • RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS that alert sales teams when customers reach out
Dashboard & Workflow
Sales performance
Get a complete and up-to-the-minute picture of your sales metrics so you can better manage your sales team
  • AGGREGATE PERFORMANCE displays trending products, sales targets, and live commerce wins
  • INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE tracks sales vs. target, actionable items, and today’s schedule for each salesperson
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Know your customer
Access to information
Unlock customer information so your sales teams can personalize any conversation
  • PURCHASE HISTORY is easily accessed and filtered so sales teams can make appropriate recommendations
  • WISHLIST ITEMS are displayed so sales teams can continue the shopping journey with their customer
  • CUSTOMER NOTES and tags can be added to any profile so sales teams can stay on top of their customers’ requirements
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Parla’s live commerce platform improves performance so online = in person
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